What is a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?

What is a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)?

Let's say you are looking to do a little online shopping. You go to Google Search and type in the keywords you are looking for, let's use "Dog Collars."

At this point, your results page is what you have searched for. These are your organic search engine results. If these search results don't contain what you are looking for or if they aren't listed correctly, then it's time to start digging down deeper into your keyword phrases until you get concise manageable information about Dog Collars.

The businesses that rank on the first page of Google Search are all vying for your business with their ad campaigns that can be paid for by businesses through an agreement with Google AdWords. This is the area where many advertisers will drop their money and hope that you click on their link. It's this area that tends to get a lot of eyeballs and attention.

However, the results below the ads are what we're here for today. So what happens when I do a search in Google? What does my Google SERP look like?

Well, it will look similar to this:

Search Engine Results Page including a Featured Snippet Section

The organic search engine results are based on many factors such as keyword phrases, where your business is located, if your business has been verified by Google My Business, etc. The algorithm that decides where each result falls within its category is known as a ranking algorithm. And while no one knows for sure what influence each factor has on the final SERP, there are many SEO experts who have done extensive research on how to get your business to rank higher.

Although Google is constantly changing the way it ranks the results, below are some of the ways that can help you move up within organic search engine results.

How to Rank on SERP's

Keyword Phrases

If you want more people to find your business when they are searching for products or services that fit into your niche, then you need to optimize your website with where people are actually looking. This means using keyword phrases in titles and throughout your content along with making sure all of your tags on each page of your website use keywords as well alongside other factors.

Google My Business  

By adding your business to Google My Business you are ensuring that Google knows more about your location, hours of operations, contact information, images of your business, etc. This is a great way to get the top 3 organic search engine results in front of people who are looking for products or services like yours.

Building Quality Links  

Natural backlinks come from other websites linking back to yours because they think you have valuable information worth sharing with their readers. They might even give you credit at the bottom of their page if they decide to use your name when giving attribution for writing an article. Building quality links requires patience and consistency but is the best way that SEO experts know how to tell Google that your website deserves more attention than others that are similar in this space.

Creating Quality Content

Create blog posts that contain your main keyword phrases and other related keywords. This will not only give Google another place to show up in search results, but it will also be useful for customers who are looking for information like yours on the web. Writing content is a great way to get your brand noticed online and bring traffic back to your website over time.

Social Engagement  

Google has said that they look at how people interact with businesses on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter because it shows them if you're worth ranking or not based on whether people find value in the pages they've liked. Interacting with potential customers by answering their questions, commenting on their statuses, etc., also promotes the idea that you are a reputable company worth their time.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your business is gaining ground with Google every day. There are many other factors that influence organic search engine rankings, but by following this list of simple SEO suggestions, you can feel confident knowing that you're one step closer to winning with Google... every day.

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