Traditional vs. Digital Marketing Mindset

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing Mindset

Three Main Differences in Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Traditionally advertisers displayed their products on television or radio ad spots, in the newspapers, and on roadside billboards. However, times have changed and nobody is looking at the side of the road anymore, they have their noses in their phones. For better or worse, the digital landscape has changed the face of advertising. Today marketers focus on creating content they can disperse across several different online platforms. And ranking on the SERPs is a hot topic of conversation around the conference table or Zoom call. 

Key Differences:

1. Print vs Digital

Marketers in the past spent countless hours and thousands of dollars creating elaborate print marketing campaigns. Full spread ads in full-color magazines were carefully crafted and sent to publication months in advance. Every single nuance was scrutinized as there was no going back once the draft was sent to the publisher. Today, however, marketers create digital content they can craft as late as minutes before publication. Businesses can post on social media posts seemingly on the hour. And, a viral post can fade into obscurity just as fast as it rose up. While print advertisement didn't give any room for feedback or comments, social media offers a platform for direct contact with your audience. Today you know right away whether your latest post or ad fell flat or rose to the top of everyone's feed. And that instant feedback gives marketers today a distinct advantage. 

2. Expensive vs Low Point of Entry

As mentioned traditional advertising was very expensive and only the big firms could compete on the national level. Luckily today, digital marketing has evened the playing field, and even local startup advertising agencies can compete with larger brands. One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is the fact that it has eliminated the gatekeepers. Today the barriers of entry have all but been eliminated. Digital marketing is much more cost-effective making it possible for smaller companies, with smaller budgets, to still compete at the highest level. 

3. Hard to Quantify vs Very Measurable and Agile

Lastly, with traditional media, it was very difficult, if not impossible, to measure the success of any singular campaign. Advertisers forked over small fortunes to get their product in front of large audiences during the most popular television shows and sporting events. Today, however, you can work with influencers on social media and see real-time engagement metrics. 

As you create several advertising campaigns over several different platforms agencies can use the engagement metrics to gauge their highest performing content. This real-time information allows for quick pivots and focusing on the highest ROI at all times. Today's digital marketers are much more agile than their traditional counterparts could ever dream to be. 

As you can see today's marketers have easier access to their target audience than their predecessors. With the click of a button, they can interact with their customers and share their ideas and products. Big data has changed the way we measure success and it will only get bigger from here. 

Where to Go From Here

So, now that we can see where we were and the difference with where we are today, where do we going forward? That is the question many marketers forget to ask, so let's dive in. 

The first place to start when determining where your future strategies should take you is to determine where you currently stand. Who is your target audience and where do they spend their most time online? 

For example, a B2B company will spend more time on LinkedIn than an e-Commerce store which will likely gravitate towards Instagram. 

Second, look at the data for your most recent campaigns. What offered the most ROI for your budget and where can you double down your efforts? This information will guide you as you make further decisions about where to focus your efforts moving forward.

Lastly, and most importantly, engage with your audience. Ask them questions about what they like most about your product or service. Then ask where you can improve so you know where to go in the future. The beauty of social media is that it has broken down the walls allowing for instant communication with your audience around the globe. Take advantage of that and engage with your audience.

This will build the ever-important know and trust factor allowing you to grow and scale your business to the next level. 

Build Awareness Across All Platforms With Digital Marketing Help

As you can see there are several key differences between traditional vs digital marketing. However, both are integral to your marketing plan. And you have the distant advantage of working in a time when both can help you reach your audience every day. 

Whether you're interested in social media or billboards, we can help you create the right piece to reach your audience. You can see the different services we offer here and we're sure that you'll see the difference in how we can help you continue to grow your business far into the future. 

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