Introduction to Creative Cloud

Introduction to Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud has a lot of applications for all of your digital marketing, editing and creative ideas. This includes video editing, graphic design, to augmented reality (AR) and we will go briefly over each application that we use whether daily or less frequently for our creative workflow. 

Design and Layout Applications

PS: Photoshopping 

Powerful application for photo manipulation, has the tools to bring graphic design elements to the next level through photos, textures and effects to create anything where the imagery is the focus. For example website art or book covers. Photoshop also has a huge library of brushes and tools to create stunning illustrations, digital paintings, concept art and animation. 

AI: Illustrator

Is the best place to design logos, experiment with colours and design vector files. Vector-based workflow allows you to create complicated designs with tiny file size to allow for maximum editability. This is the top vector software used by designers and artists to create everything from web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, product packaging and billboards. Because it uses vectors, art that is stored as paths instead of pixels it can be scaled up infinitely without loss of resolution. 

Id: InDesign

Is the application to go to for layout and page design for print and digital media. InDesign has all the tools you need to publish books, ebooks, posters, interactive pdfs, and more. 

Ca: Capture

Allows you to turn your photos in colours, themes etc and bring them into your applications like Illustrator and photoshop.

Ic: InCopy

While InDesign is used to publish printed material, including newspapers and magazines, InCopy is used for general word processing. The software enables editors to write, edit, and design documents.

Br: Bridge

Best way to keep files organized that lets you preview, organize, edit and publish multiple creative assets quickly and easily. Edit metadata, add keywords, labels and ratings to your assets. 

Video & Motion Picture

Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, After Effects, Animate, Audition, Media Encoder 

Ae: Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an animation software used for animation, visual effects, and motion picture compositing. After Effects is used in film, TV, and web video creation. This software is used in the post-production phase, and has hundreds of effects that can be used to manipulate imagery.

Me: Media Encoder

Help organize and output your footage so you can focus on the creative process.

Photography Apps

Ca: Camera Raw

Adobe Camera Raw, which lets you import and enhance raw images, has been a must-have tool for professional photographers right since it was first released in 2003. Applications that support Adobe Camera Raw include Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, After Effects, and Bridge. Additionally, Adobe Lightroom is built upon the same powerful raw image processing technology that powers Adobe Camera Raw.

PsX: Photoshop Express

Photoshop for your smartphone. You can edit images in a few clicks, remove blemishes and upload straight to social media. You can also send it to Photoshop on your computer to edit more afterwards.

Other Important Adobe Applications

DW: Dream Weaver

You can quickly create and publish web pages almost anywhere. Create, code and manage dynamic websites easily with a smart simplified coding engine. The code hints show you how to learn and edit html css and other web standards. 

Be: Behance

Online platform to showcase, get information and get inspired. You can upload your own projects to get input from other artists online. Behance also allows for creators to find teammates for larger projects and scales freelance employment levels

Ar: Aero

The most intuitive way to build, view and share immersive AR experiences.

Aero can be used to show off your artwork to the client immersively allowing for every angle to be seen, Aero assists in the 3D development and construction of achitechnical and overly creative modern concepts seen in a vast variety of projects from companies like the ROM and a majority of “University of Arts”  facilities worldwide.

Fr: Fresco

Brings together the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes, plus revolutionary new live brushes that allow artists to deliver a completely natural painting and drawing experience. It’s for anyone who wants to discover or rediscover the joy of drawing and painting. 

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