Nicholas McIsaac


Nicholas McIsaac is the CEO of NK Media Group, Nikk is a kind-hearted individual and loves learning about new ways to benefit businesses. He has one son that he adores more than anything in the world, and enjoys reading books about life's important lessons.

Nikk was born in Toronto but grew up in a village outside of Bracebridge. Nikk attended school at Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes before starting his career with Rogers Communications. In 2018, Nikk made the decision to leave Rogers to pursue other opportunities within marketing communications.

Nikk is always looking for a way to make NK better, whether it be by building new relationships or exploring innovative ideas -and when he’s not working on NK Media Group, you can find him out in the community actively finding ways to benefit others.

Fueled by multiple cups of coffee and years of experience, Nikk is our go-to for all things digital marketing.

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